About Clockwize

Who are we?

Our Company

Clockwize is dedicated to supporting women in optimizing and extending their reproductive windows through accessible testing, education, empowerment, and data integration.

Our products

Our Lab

TruDiagnostic was truly the only choice when evaluating which lab to partner with to produce our test. Their commitment to excellence, cutting edge research, and collaborative relationship told us they could deliver a quality experience for our customers as well as accurate and precise data reporting.

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Our Founders

Sara and Dr Z had been best friends for years when Clockwize was conceived. With the perfect complementary skill sets, they truly believe God put them together to bring this gift to women everywhere…the gift of time.

Founder Sara Mintzer

Sara Mintzer

CEO and Co-Founder

Sara Mintzer, CEO and Co-Founder, has a background in hospitality and operations for a number of national businesses. Her dedication and follow through, along with her critical business mind, make her a phenomenal CEO. She brings her eye for design, knack for exquisite customer experience, and global vision for making a difference to her role with Clockwize, Inc.

Founder Dr Katherine Zagone

Dr. Katherine Zagone, ND

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

Dr. Katherine Zagone, ND, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder, has been supporting women and couples easily conceive their healthiest babies for almost a decade. Simultaneously, she runs Gentera Center for Precision Medicine in Beverly Hills, CA where she bridges cutting edge science with tried and true methods for exceptional results. She’s excited to bring effective science, a warm heart, and an industry changing approach to the world through Clockwize, Inc.