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Time is on your side.

Time is on your side.

We use precise data to tell you
the truth about fertility and aging.

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Is the FertilityWize test right for me?

Our FertilityWize test is designed for women who want to find out their biological age specifically related to their fertility.

• Want babies in 1-5 years and want to know if it’s time to take action now so you don’t struggle when it’s time?

• Looking to optimize your egg quantity and quality outcomes with reproductive technologies (egg freezing or IVF)?

• Curious if advanced age is the reason you are currently

Our data helps you make informed decisions about when and how you get pregnant.

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Clockwize is dedicated to supporting women in optimizing and extending their reproductive windows.

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The FertilityWize test looks at 3 types of markers to give you an idea of where your biological clock is.

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The Clockwize team is here for you 24/7. We are dedicated to our customers and we're standing by for any questions.

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I chose to work with Katherine because I felt deep trust in her dual background of science and holistic healing. I had also heard wonderful reports from a friend of mine, who had a positive experience with her, and I appreciated her kind and loving bedside manner as well as her thorough knowledge of the fertility space and its unique challenges. I can’t recommend Dr. Katherine enough - she’s exactly the person you want to hold your hand through the process of getting pregnant with a healthy baby. 

Julia Allison

Three years ago we were praying for another baby and after two years of trying we were disappointed to not be pregnant again. So after two years of trying we consulted with Dr. Zagone after the referral of a friend. Dr. Zagone was so helpful and her treatment was individualized to our needs. When we met with her she said “my goal is not only to help you get goal is to help you have a super baby!” We sure do have a super baby in our hands. We had an incredibly healthy pregnancy. We highly recommend Dr. Katherine for anyone who wants to prepare their bodies for a healthy pregnancy and for a super baby!

The Mahfouz Family

I loved working with Dr. Zagone. After the initial tests she reviewed the results with me and recommended supplements and foods to give me what I needed. What I noticed in myself was more energy. I wouldn't crash in the afternoons like I used to and just felt more awake and alert. The fact that my wife got pregnant (which is why we went to Dr. Z in the first place) is a huge source of happiness for us as well. I'm very happy with my experience working with Dr. Zagone.


Our Mission

We are committed to extending the reproductive window for women and couples revolutionizing the fertility industry for a healthier and happier tomorrow.